Welcome to Prabhu V Lakshmana

Established in 2002,  We are exporters of Natural Indigo products i.e. pure Indigo leaves, Indigo Leaf Powder, Indigo Blue Natural Dye Powder from Indigofera Tinctoria also known as Neeli (Sanskrit) Neela Amari (Malayalam).

Indigo (botanical name: "Indigofera Tinctoria") is a 100% pure herbal plant, which gives a deep blue color.   Original high class Indigo, when used instantly, gives deep  green color, but after 24 to 48 hours it changes becomes deep blue.    The secret of judging the high class Indigo is from its deep blue color and if it is not giving deepness then that means it is of low quality.   The history of this plant is very old.   Earlier used for fabric dye and for medicinal purposes alone, but now the full scope of its uses and purposes is known.  Indigo is an antiseptic can be used as a stimulant, purgative & astringent. 

Indigo Leaf Powder is an alternative and natural hair dye which is really creating wonders with the people who are sensitive (allergic) to chemical hair dyes and hence unable to use even normal dyes.  Indigo Leaf Powder i.e. Neela Amari Herbal Hair Dye is a natural product obtained from the pure body art quality dried plant leaves of "Indigofera Tinctoria" and do not contain any ParaPhenyleneDiamine, Ammonia or Peroxide.  No fermentation is involved in Indigo herbal hair dye.    Green leaves are dried in the sun and stored in moisture-free packing.   Dried leaves are finely pulverized prior to dispatch.

Even though Henna is a natural conditioning agent made of plants that have a natural dye and does not contain any ParaPhenyleneDiamine, it gives deep orange color(reddish tint) to the hair.     Indigo hair dye gives deep blue color if used alone.