Indigo Herbal Hair Dye(Indigo Leaf Powder)  -  Method of Application


Even though Henna is a natural conditioning agent made of plants that have a natural dye and does not contain any Ammonia or Para Phenylene Diamine, it gives deep orange color(reddish tint) to the hair.     Indigo hair dye gives deep blue color if used alone.     And if used after Henna gives different shades of brown and black color depending on the proportion of henna and indigo hair dye, because, combination of blue and orange ultimately results in Black Color.    The exact color result depends upon your original hair coloring as well as how you use your Henna and Indigo.      If used in different proportions, Henna and Indigo will give you different shades.

While applying first time,  we advise to allow henna and Indigo to sit for minimum 1 hour.  However, for repeat applications 30 minutes is enough.    Henna can be applied previous night and Indigo next day morning or  first day morning henna and second day morning indigo.   Henna is a base for indigo hair dye.  If a mixture of henna and indigo is used then you will get dark brown color and not black.

Warning:  Tips: NEVER freeze indigo hair dye or indigo paste!   Unlike Henna,  Indigo will not stay fresh with freezing.   It is best to ONLY keep indigo hair dye in a dry, cool, and dark place prior to use.    Discard unused indigo paste after application.    Use disposable gloves while applying Henna/Indigo.


Mix henna paste and allow it to develop.  The longer henna paste sits and dye is released, the more red the outcome will be.

Mix Indigo hair dye with warm Leaf tea decoction and make thick paste immediately just before you are ready to use. Indigo hair dye has to be used immediately.   Do not wait for dye release.  Do not add lemon juice to Indigo hair dye. Indigo hair dye is used in different proportions, according to one's individual tastes.


Step I: Wash your hair with shampoo and remove traces of oil etc on hair.

Step II: Applying henna to hair -  In this step only henna is applied all over the hair from roots and allow the paste to sit for the 1 to 2 hours depending on one's individual tastes.  Grey hair changes to deep orange.

Step III: Applying Indigo to hair - In this step Indigo hair dye is applied all over hair and allow the paste to sit for the 1 to 2 hours depending on one's individual tastes. Now the orange hair turns to black color.     Sometimes it may turn black gradually.      This may be due, previous use of chemical dyes, quality of henna used or use of hair oil

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