Indigo Blue Fabric Dye 

Indigofera Tinctoria or Neela Amari (Malayalam) is a seasonal crop, and we have our own fields of this plant.   Hence, based on the customer’s  requirements in advance, we plan our production and offer them good quality indigo dyes at best and uniform prices.      Our dyes are available throughout the year, and we take periodical orders from most of our regular customers.

Production Process:

We produce eco-friendly Indigo Dye (natural), by extracting it from the plant "Indigofera Tinctoria". We have mastered this ancient craft after many years of practice. The process of manufacturing indigo dyes includes the following steps:

  • The fully grown plant is cut and soaked in tanks that is 14ft in length & 14ft in breadth and has a depth of 2 ½ feet.
  • After soaking the cut plant for about 18 hours, water is mixed with it, and it lies in there for some more time.
  • The colour is then strained and extracted along with the water, which is led into another tank of similar dimensions.
  • This extract is then oxidized by agitating the green water.   This is a manual process,  which continues for  about an hour or more.  The green leaf extract turns blue in color and thickens noticeably.  This thick substance is transferred into a copper vessel and boiled at a high temperature for some time, before it is poured into moulds.

No other substance than Indigo leaves are used by us.    This is a 100% natural dye, which is safe for skin.    It is also observed that the dye serves in maintaining good physical and mental heath of the one who applies it.  The natural blue color is said to have a soothing effect once applied on the head.

These leaves are also used to prepare hair oil, which is again proven to give healthy hair and scalp.